Frequently Asked Questions



The following questions are answered below in order:

1) How long will it take to receive an order?

2) Can you put something on the back of a charm?

3) What type of silver/gold do you use?

4) How do I order?

5) How do I pay?

6) Do you have longer/short necklaces or different types? 

7) Can I add another charm?

8) Do you have any design stamps (heart, cross, etc…)?

9) Where can I view the different fonts?

10) Will letters be perfectly straight?

11) Can I add a gift note?

12) Do you gift-wrap?

13) Can I shower in my jewelry?

14) How do I clean my jewelry?




1) How long will it take to receive my order? 


All custom orders are made within 7 days and then shipped *to the address listed on Etsy shipping* using first class mail standard (which takes an additional 2-6 days for U.S. postal delivery.)  If you need an order sooner, shipping upgrades are available upon checkout from the shipping drop down menu for the USA. 

*Ready to ship items, such as polish pads or plain chains, usually ship out in 1-3 days  


•USA DELIVERY•  (maximums including production time)


-STANDARD (First Class): can take up to 13 days to be in your hand 

-PRIORITY (must purchased at checkout): 9-11 days max to be in hand

-PRIORITY RUSH (must purchased at checkout): 5-8 days max to be in hand 




Ship times on *international orders can't be guaranteed, as items have to go through customs, but they average 3-4.5 weeks to be in hand from the date of purchase. 

(Canada & Australia are usually quickest and *average 2.5-3.5 weeks to be in hand from purchase date)* Please note, international buyers are responsible for any fees/taxes imposed by your country upon delivery.  Faster shipping is not available for international orders at this time.




We will send an email as soon as your order ships with a link to track your package.




2) Can the backs of charms be stamped?

Unfortunately, I am unable to stamp on the backs of charms, as it can alter the stamping on the opposite side of even the thickest charms.




3) What type of silver/gold do you use? 

Metals are listed in each item description.



All the silver we use is sterling silver. Both the charms, chains, jump rings, etc... are all solid sterling silver, and not plated.  



The majority of the gold we use is yellow, 14K gold filled. Gold filled jewelry contains much more gold than plated jewelry, and you cannot visually tell the difference between gold filled and solid gold. Gold filled jewelry is more valuable and tarnish resistant than gold plated. It does not rub or flake off like plated gold can. *If you have had reactions/allergies in the past to base metals such as brass or bronze, I would recommend solid gold products. Read more about gold-filled products here:



Some products are offered in solid 14k gold as well.





4) How do I order?


*Please be sure to read over the listing description and review photos and sizes to ensure your order.  Personalization details such as character limits and font choices (if any) are listed within each item


1- Log into Etsy or set up an Etsy account

2- Select options from the drop down menu if applicable

3- Click the green “Add To Cart” button to the right of the item

4- If you are ordering a personalized item, please enter the details in the “Note to Wearable Whispers” area of the cart:


• Personalized details, exactly as you want them listed. *The more specific, the better:) For example, if you list it all lowercase, so will I. *Please be sure to read over the item description for character limits and font choices, if any.  For example, some fonts only come in uppercase as noted in listing details.  


• Packaging details: For example, if you are ordering 3 separate charms and a single chain, and you would like them combined all on the necklace, please let me know. Otherwise, each item is packaged separately. 


• Date the item is needed by (Please note -regular U.S. orders can take up to 13 days for delivery unless you purchase a shipping upgrade upon checkout)


• Phone number - just in case I have a question and can’t reach you via Etsy or email, which I will try first.




5) How do I pay?

All orders are made once full payment is received. You can pay through Etsy with a debit/credit card or Etsy gift card.  We also accept PayPal.

Need help checking out? I have a tutorial here:


**Please note, once you place your order and pay for it, We are unable to cancel or refund custom pieces that have already been made (even if they haven't shipped yet), so please be sure you would like the items (and you are ok with the delivery timeline) before placing the order. Thanks! 




6) Do you have longer necklace/different types? 

Necklace choices are listed in each item description and may be selected from the drop down menu upon ordering.


If you would like a longer or shorter chain than the choices listed, please contact us *prior to ordering, so we can ensure availability and set up a custom listing.  


Longer Lengths:

-The 1.5mm mini ball chains and 1.5mm cable chains are available in:

 24” for an extra $3.00 (in addition to the regular $15 necklace price, so $18.00 total)

 30” for an extra $5.50 (in addition to the regular $15 necklace price, so $20.50 total)


Shorter Lengths:

-The only chains we can make shorter are the 1.5mm cable chains and the 1.3mm satellite/dew drop chains.  Ball chains do not come in sizes shorter than 16”




7) Can I add another charm?

If you would like another charm added to an item, please contact us prior to order, and we can let you know if it is possible/pricing/set up a custom listing.  For example, if you want a necklace to have 3 initial charms instead of 2, we can set up a custom listing.




8) Do you have any design stamps? 

I currently have the several design stamps: arrow, infinity symbol, ladybug, baby feet, remembrance ribbon, moon, round swirl, cross, sign language hand with the I love you symbol, right handprint, snowflake, angel wings, angel wing/heart combo, and a few different types of hearts, stars, and flowers. Please view the designs here:

*Please note, as we use metal stamps, each design comes in a set size.  If you would like a design different than shown on the item, please contact us prior to ordering to ensure it will fit nicely.




9) Where can I view your different fonts?

Available font choices for each item vary and are shown/described in each listing.  We have selected the font(s) that fit the piece best and therefore items will have different choices – some will only have one choice.

Character limits are listed within each description to help you determine if your desired customization will fit.

***Please note: As I use metal stamps to impress the letters/numbers, each font comes in a set size (I am unable to make them larger/smaller). Also, some sets come with both upper and lowercase, some don’t. Please view the listing photos for full font alphabets to ensure you like the desings)




10) Will letters be perfectly straight?

All personalized jewelry is hand stamped letter by letter. Therefore, each piece will be a unique creation & slightly vary.  We are very particular and only send out work we believe is great quality.  Letters and spacing will not be perfectly straight as it would be with a machine.  This adds to the handcrafted charm.




11) Can I add a gift note?

Yes, please type the note in the message to seller area upon checkout, and it will be included. Payment information will not be included with packages you designate as a gift.

***If your order is being shipped directly to another person, please be sure to list their address as the ship to address in Etsy.




12) Do you gift-wrap?

Custom necklace, bracelets, and gifts : come in an organza bag, *gift box, and include a sample polish pad and jewelry care tips.

Single Charms: come in an organza bag and include a sample polish pad (no gift box unless specifically requested). 


If you are ordering multiple items for the same person (ex: 4 charms for one person), please let me know, so I can package them together appropriately.




13) Can I shower in my jewelry?

To extend the life of your jewelry, we recommend removing it before sleeping, swimming, and showering, as moisture and chemicals can speed up natural tarnishing. If you do get it wet, be sure to dry it off thoroughly.  




14) How do I care for my jewelry?

Sterling silver and gold filled jewelry can naturally tarnish over time.  A sample polish pad is included with each order and can be used to clean pieces if needed.  Also, storing your pieces in an airtight Ziploc bag and away from sunlight and moisture when not in use will prevent tarnish. Read more on jewelry care at: