Thanks for checking out my store! I am lucky and blessed to follow my dream & have my own creative jewelry business! I love designing and making the pieces, but what really drives me are the stories & meanings behind the charms- be it to celebrate a new baby, a marriage, achievement, or to honor a lost loved one.  The jewelry evokes and represents emotions in a special way.

My passion for creativity started early on. I did my first craft show when I was 14 and over the years have continued to sell at shows, stores, and online- shifting from my early interest: crafting, painting, woodwork, etc., to my current love of jewelry design.

In 2007, I purchased my first stamping set and have been hammering away ever since, making pieces that will hopefully be treasured for years to come. 

I am happy to be doing what I love and serving amazing customers around the globe. Thanks for your continued support! 

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To bring joy to others through jewelry that is meaningful and cherished for years to come:)